Frequently Asked Questions

What is SatoshiPay?

SatoshiPay is your digital “pocket change” wallet for the web. Pay small amounts (starting from as little as 1c), for your favorite web content like articles, blog posts, music, podcasts and videos.

Are you a publisher? See how you can start monetising your web content today in our Help Center for Publishers.

How does SatoshiPay work?

The core app is a JavaScript widget that installs SatoshiPay on your website. It hides the premium content for visitors until they’ve paid for it with a single click. The visitor never has to sign up or register an account as all their data is stored directly in their browser.

What will my users see?

When a user visits a website where the SatoshiPay widget is active, a digital wallet is set up for them and they see a blue circle on the bottom right corner of their browser. To get started, all they have to do is click on the circle, go to “TOP UP”, and top up their SatoshiPay wallet via PayPal or credit card. Now there’s credit on the wallet and the user can make “nano-payments” all over the open web with just one click.

There’s more information for users, publishers, and developers in our Help Center. You can also write an email to, tweet @satoshipay, or message us on