Startup grant program

Kickstart your business with a fat grant from SatoshiPay!

The offer

We invite publishers, startups, and NGOs to explore the possibilities of micropayment-based business models by using SatoshiPay.
To make your trial a guaranteed success, we offer up to €100.000 in starting funds for the selected projects*!

Online publishers

From big magazines and streaming sites to small blogs or forums, selling articles, videos, songs, downloads, etc.


With micropayment- or tipping-based business models, e.g. publishing, gaming, IoT, or everything in between.


Rethinking the way we receive donations today, offering valuable content, services, etc.

* The grant comes in form of vouchers to be distributed among your audience. They can then be spent to purchase your products or to use the services you offer.

How to participate?

All you need to do is send us a short project description through the form below. If your project is shortlisted, we'll get back to you in 5 days with further questions. Within another 10 business days, we’ll make a grant offer.

Our mission

SatoshiPay stands for an open web with sustainable business models. Our innovative micropayment service enables a fair and seamless value exchange on the web, based on actual consumption. Learn more about SatoshiPay.

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