Global, fast and easy micropayment solutions


Flexible out-of-the-box solution

Charge users per article, download, second of video, temporary website access - or simply ask for a donation. We offer all the tools out of the box, you decide in a whole universe of new monetization possibilities.

One-click purchases

Make your paid content as easily accessible as possible. Allowing users to purchase items with just one click increases your conversions significantly compared to any other payment solution. No customer login required!.

Global and currency-agnostic

Wherever your audience is located, whatever currency they use: We take the hassle out of global payments.

Low costs and instant payouts

Thanks to blockchain technology, you receive your earnings the same moment your users pay - irreversibly and with lower fees compared to any traditional payment method.

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SatoshiPay is built using innovative, decentralized payment technology and state-of-the-art tools and infrastructure.

SatoshiPay widget

Our payment widget can be included anywhere on any web page automatically transforms HTML Tags into digital goods.

Blockchain technology

SatoshiPay is powered by the Stellar network, which ensures nearly instant payment transactions - anywhere on the globe.

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