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Imagine a web where you can purchase an article, image or video for 1 cent

Less than a cent

SatoshiPay compresses transaction fees. ;) We process nanopayments of 1c or less and enable content providers to monetise their digital goods in completely new ways.


SatoshiPay works without software download or sign-up for the user. Payments are instant and the user's wallet balance is available on each website that integrates our widget.

Stable & Secure

SatoshiPay is developed by an experienced team of Bitcoin and security experts. Regular audits assure safe money transfers, system uptimes and hacker-proof operation.


Try out SatoshiPay right here – you'll figure out how. :) If not, please contact us.

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Our WordPress publisher plugin is easy to install.

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3. Start earning!

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€1m raised for going mainstream

31 Jan 2017: #GearUp

Nanopayments, everywhere on the web

31 May 2016: #API_Launch

Launching login-free paywall

1 February 2016: #BetaLaunch

€360K seed round closed

25 January 2016: #SeedCoins

Investment from Kuala

21 September 2015: #FastForward

2nd place at Coinbase BitHack

2 July 2015: #ToTheMoon


Meet the people behind SatoshiPay

Meinhard Benn

Chief Satoshi Counter

Alexander Wilke

Prime Mover

Henning Peters

Advisory Advisor

Kilian Thalhammer

Payment Guru

Julia Kauschke

Executive Assistant

Erasmus Hagen

UX/UI Designer

Florian Glatz

Blockchain Lawyer

Levin Keller

Technical Advisor

Moritz Drexl

Blockchain Guru

René Oelke

Integration Wizard

Nicolas Steiner

Digital Innovator

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Our story so far

  • September 2014


    Meinhard and Henning get together and outline a bitcoin payment platform. Kilian joins a little later and Deutsche Telekom's incubator hub:raum likes us so much that they offer to host us in their "hard working space". Thanks, hub:raum!

  • November 2014


    Axel Springer Plug and Play selects us for their 5th batch and invests in us. Callum and Victor help us to build the first iteration of our payment platform. A mad three months are starting.

  • March 2015

    UK Expansion

    We are selected by London-based Fintech Circle angel network as their first bitcoin start-up. Level39 mentor Nicolas joins us as an advisor and starts representing us in London.

  • April 2015


    After careful consideration and with the help of our new super-amazing investor Coinsilium we change our focus to nanopayments. We start working on the first prototype of our website widget for pay-as-you-go content payments – which turns out to be an instant hit. :) Give it a go: let.satoshipay.me (beware of bitcoin-snatching dragons)

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