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Super-small payments

Charge users per download, second of video, or for an extra life in your game. It's a whole universe of new monetisation possibilities.

Fair revenue split

We charge 10% flat fee on transactions. No other payments service provider can match our price for these kind of digital "pocket change" transactions.


SatoshiPay is made by developers for developers. With our API you can integrate our innovative payment service into whatever you want to build.

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Monetise where nobody has monetised before

For publishers

Monetise your WordPress content anywhere on the globe in 3 easy steps.

  1. Install the WordPress plugin
  2. Create a publisher account
  3. Profit!

For developers

Use our award-winning, blockchain-based payment system in your project.

  1. Get an API key
  2. Read the documentation
  3. Happy hacking!

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